We have been a 100% Australian family-owned private group for 100 years and are represented by our four separate entities:

A S Harrison & Co Pty Limited
Harrison Manufacturing Pty Limited
Harrison SPARC Pty Limited
Harrison Investments Pty Limited



The development, manufacture and supply of high performance grease, lubricants, and advanced
products and services.


Supplier of quality additives and ingredients - offering innovative technical solutions, supply chain and customer service excellence.


A research company driving innovation as part of The Harrison Group's Vision of positively shaping and contributing to a better world in a sustainable and ethical way.


Managing the Harrison Group of Companies in strategic planning for group facilities requirements.


  • The origin of The Harrison Group of Companies commenced with the establishment of A S Harrison & Co by Arthur Harrison.


  • A S Harrison & Co was appointed the Australian representative of E.l. du Pont De Nemours USA, specialising in distribution of chemical products to the rubber industry.
  • Laurence Harrison joined his father Arthur in the business selling plastic molding powders and providing technical advice to the fledgling plastics industry.


  • The company expanded into other areas and became a manufacturer's representative for influential UK and US companies. Head office was located at 85 Clarence Street, Sydney.
  • Ken Harrison joined A S Harrison & Co in 1934 working as a salesman with his father and brother.


  • A Melbourne office was established.
  • Alternative products were developed to help overcome WW2 shortages.
  • Manufacture of "factice" commenced.
  • Manufacturing moved from Wollstonecraft to Crows Nest.
  • In 1949, Harrison Manufacturing was established by Ken Harrison to separate the Group's manufacturing activities.


  • Harrison Investments Pty Limited formed to hold the expanding portfolio of real estate assets.
  • In 1953 Governing Director Arthur Harrison passed away and Ken Harrison was appointed the new Governing Director of the Group.
  • David Harrison, son of Ken, joins Harrison Manufacturing Company.


  • Harrison Manufacturing Company relocated their manufacturing to Brookvale in order to accommodate further expansion and remains fully operational from this same site today.
  • In 1966 DuPont opened their Australian office with half of A S Harrison & Co staff and left A S Harrison & Co as their sole distributor of petroleum additives in Australia.
  • A S Harrison continued as the sole distributor of DuPont petroleum additives.


  • Ken Harrison passed away and Laurence Harrison became Governing Director.
  • The Clarence Street, Sydney site was sold with both companies transferring to the Brookvale site.
  • David Harrison became General Manager and Geoff Harrison joins as Plant Engineer.
  • A S Harrison & Co expands into personal care products, pharmaceutical raw materials and petroleum additives.


  • When DuPont sold off its petroleum additive division, A S Harrison & Co continued to be the distributor for the new owners. This representation continues to this very day!
  • Graeme Harrison, son of David Harrison joins Harrison Manufacturing Company.


  • With the death of Laurence Harrison, ownership and control passed onto and was held between Ken's surviving children.
  • The Harrison Group gained ISO 9001 accreditation.
  • Group corporate governance was formalised with the appointment of separate boards for each company.


  • The Group undergoes business transformation and integrated new strategic development programs.
  • Property portfolio activity increases and new investment opportunities initiated.
  • Group's boards expanded.


  • Group continued to expand solidly, developing its product lines to focused sectors. 
  • A S Harrison & Co New Zealand office opened with expansion into Asia, India and the South Pacific region.
  • Ownership consolidated to Geoffrey and Julie Harrison.


  • The Group continues to steadily grow through reinvestment in facilities, research & development and marketing to provide Australian and Asian customers with highly specialised and value adding products and services.
  • Family involvement in the Group is continuing into the fourth generation.
  • The Group remains a 100% family owned Australian business looking to celebrate it's 100 year anniversary in 2023.

The Harrison Group has released its FY23 Modern Slavery Statement.

Clareville Pty Limited (Harrison) is built on the values of Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Safety and Success. These values underpin all our business relationships and operations and help ground us on our journey as a leading supplier of high value finished products, ingredients, additives, and technical solutions. Moreover, these values ensure that we act ethically and mitigate modern slavery and human trafficking risks in our operations and supply chains.

Harrison acknowledges that modern slavery and human trafficking is a global and complex challenge faced by both governments and businesses. This is our first modern slavery statement under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (Modern Slavery Act), however for several years we have been making efforts to raise and address modern slavery risks arising in relation to our operations and business (through modern slavery policies and training).

Harrison strives to ensure that both modern slavery and human trafficking do not occur in our business operations or supply chain.

We acknowledge that entities such as Harrison play a major role in combatting modern slavery in global supply chains. In this modern slavery statement (Statement), we discuss the ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with modern slavery regulations. However, as this is Harrison’s first reporting period we note that we are at the beginning of our modern slavery compliance journey, and we are working towards addressing and mitigating our modern slavery risks.

This Statement outlines our future plans to continue to work towards combatting modern slavery risks, and Harrison is committed to developing our approach to combat this complex and very important issue over the coming years.

Read our full Statement here